About Us

After 12 years in sales and marketing leadership roles for companies including Apple, Corbis, Getty Images, and Atom Films, Toni realized the most satisfaction she was getting was from mentoring others and advising them on their career development. After several years as Vice President of Marketing, she decided to take her own advice and get trained through Corporate Coach Universiy completing her Business Coaching degree.

Toni specializes in working with high-value employees who are getting stuck or are unable to work effectively within teams or cross-functionally. She is an expert in conflict resolution, consistently helping her clients accept accountability and develop the interpersonal skills required for long-term employment.

Toni works with clients to identify their unique value in relation to the company goals. She quickly identifies gaps that impede progress and gets to the root of the issue, accelerating the coaching process to ensure the quickest return to productivity.

Over the past 15 years, Toni has worked with employees and managers at all levels, across a broad variety of industries. She lives in Seattle, WA and is available to travel as needed.