Conflict Resolution

It is natural for there to be a workplace conflict. It is actually healthy to have differing views, even when shared passionately. Many people avoid conflict or handle it in ways that are counterproductive for themselves, the team, and the organization. When workplace conflict is not managed, it can be the cause of a breakdown in team communication and employee effectiveness.

Conflict resolution coaching is a process of working with an employee or group of employees to define the issues, engage in direct and effective conversations, consider options for managing the conflict, and designing a process for future engagements. Through conflict resolution coaching, employees repair current damage, create a plan for working through future conflict, and learn how to use conflict to strengthen workplace relationships.

Professional Improvement Plans

When an employee is finding themselves facing performance or behavior challenges, it is important to create a plan to get back on track quickly. Through professional improvement planning, employees work with their coach to develop gap awareness and create a measurable action plan to close each gap in a timely manner. Successful improvement plans include coaching the employee how to identify gap awareness in the future and proactively work toward swift closure.

Transition Management

Management transitions are among the most challenging and difficult situations a company faces. Transition coaching focuses on working with the newly appointed leader to evaluate readiness and identify potential barriers to their success. In creating a detailed, 90-day program, newly appointed managers stay focused regardless of legacy issues, staffing requirements and market pressures. Whether they are a rising star or an experienced manager changing roles, transition management coaching helps to immediately bring value to the new role and hit the ground running.

Management Skills Training

Managers who know how to motivate and coach their staff are an asset to the organization. Not only do the employees tend to stay with a company when they approve of leadership, but they also become the best advertisements for attracting new talent.  Management skills training is a program designed for managers to bring out the best in their staff. Using core coaching philosophies, managers learn to connect and build trust while working with employees to build action plans they are excited about.

360 Feedback

360 reviews help employees pinpoint opportunities to develop business and interpersonal skills. They focus on identifying a starting point, measuring progress on skills over time, and identifying the gaps and the impact they have on the organization. Once the 360 review is completed, the results are used to create an action plan for coaching around key opportunities for the employee to develop and improve their skills and relationships.

Career Mapping

Career mapping is a way for companies to develop internally the skills needed to achieve future business goals. For employees, it means creating a guideline of where their career will go in years to come. Career mapping shows companies where they can grow current talent and shows employees how they can advance in any given organization. This is especially useful when high-value employees are asking for more responsibility or a promotion they have not received.

Personal Brand Definition

The brand you build for yourself is the single most important way to stand out and be recognized and remembered. This is not about a trademark or a logo but is about how you present yourself as an individual. Utilizing work in core values, skills analysis, goal setting, storytelling, and mindset technique, you work with your coach to craft the unique personal brand and establish the consistent behavior and actions that strengthen your personal brand.

Leadership Development

If leaders are grooming and coaching their employees, who do they turn to in order to develop their own skills? Leadership development coaching is designed to help leaders improve their effectiveness and impact through self-assessment, 360 feedback, personal brand development, strategic thinking, and sharpening communication skills. Each program is customized for the individual based on their goals and gap analysis.

Effective Communication

Communicating effectively is a key contributor to a successful organization. Through the exchange of thoughts, information, ideas, and messages, workgroups move from concepts to products and teams turn customer feedback into compelling new services.  When you work with a coach on effective communication, you assess skills and identify gaps that may keep you from operating at your highest level. With proper training in communication and practice engaging new tools, you will build trust in the organization and realize faster results with lasting impact on the business and your career.

Team Development & Optimization

Teams are most often created based on skills needed to deliver a product or service. This means a variety of personalities and workstyles are put together to achieve a common goal. When teams start working together and the character of the team starts to take shape, most teams deliver average results. When a team establishes trust and manages its functionality, it becomes a high performing team capable of amazing results. Your coach will assess the team vision, priorities, and dynamics of the team. You will work with your coach to address any outstanding conflict, problems, and undefined roles and responsibilities.  From this baseline, your coach will work with the team on effective meetings, cooperating cross-functionally, making decisions in the moment, and identifying and closing gaps. In the end, the team will have clear measures of success and how to review their own functionality in the future.

Staff Planning

Staff planning is an essential part of business success. Whether you are interested in growing the business, managing an overwhelming workload or rectifying poor performance, staff planning is an essential piece of your strategy.  Your coach will work with you to understand the company goals, identify key influencers, analyze the current state of staff, discover needs based on goals, conduct a gap analysis and develop a solution plan.

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